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Which operator is overloaded by the OR () function?

Which operator is overloaded by the __or__() function? Explanation: The function __or__() overloads the bitwise OR operator |. 10.

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Which operators can be overloaded in Python?

For example operator + is used to add two integers as well as join two strings and merge two lists. It is achievable because '+' operator is overloaded by int class and str class. ... Binary Operators:


Magic Method


__add__(self, other)


__and__(self, other)


__or__(self, other)


__xor__(self, other)

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Which operator is overloaded by Floordiv () function?

In this article, we learned about the // floor division operator. We also learned about performing operator overloading on this by implementing operator. __floordiv__(a, b) .

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Which operators are overloaded and which operator are not overloaded?

Most can be overloaded. The only C operators that can't be are . and ?: (and sizeof , which is technically an operator). C++ adds a few of its own operators, most of which can be overloaded except :: and .

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