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More About Burberry
Burberry began in 1856, founded by Thomas Burberry, initially specializing in outdoor clothing. The innovative fabric gabardine was invented in 1879 by Thomas. Breathable and weatherproof, it revolutionized rainwear. Up until then, it had typically been heavy and uncomfortable to wear. The trench coat began as the Tielocken. Patented by Burberry in 1912, it was an unbuttoned style made from gabardine and fastened with a belt. In 1914, Burberry was the outfitter of choice for several polar explorers, as the gabardine fabric’s protective and lightweight qualities made it well-suited to cope with inhospitable conditions. Today, Burberry is a global luxury brand with a distinctive British identity.

Burberry has a “see now, buy now” model. This means their customers can purchase new products as soon as they are seen on the runway. The company also has a large selection of non-runway products that carry each show’s themes into the wider collections. This gives customers more opportunities to buy into the excitement of the show at a wider range of price points and styles. Their strong digital capability means Burberry is well placed to respond to the evolving landscape through both owned channels and relationships with digital platforms, social media companies and retailers.

Their people are the engine of the business, the most important asset supporting the success of Burberry. With employees in 34 countries, representing over 112 different nationalities they are a diverse team, guided by Burberry’s core values to protect, explore and inspire. The company is dedicated to fostering a distinctive culture with a global team mindset and a pioneering spirit.

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