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Can we use tooling API in Apex?

Tooling API retrieve the small piece of metadata, we can use this to develop an interactive application or tools for developers. ... This can be used to fetch the metadata such as Apex classes, Apex triggers, custom objects, custom fields, Visualforce Pages, Users, Apex Component etc.

Implementation of Tooling API in Salesforce Lightning > Salesforce_Tooling_API

How do I use Apex REST API?

Apex REST Basic Code Sample

1. Create an Apex class in your instance from Setup. Enter Apex Classes in the Quick Find box, select Apex Classes, and then click New. Add this code to the new Apex class: ...

2. Create a file called account. txt to contain the data for the account you will create in the next step.

Apex REST Basic Code Sample - Salesforce Developers > docs > atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta > apex_rest_c...

What is the use of tooling API in Salesforce?

Use Tooling API to build custom development tools or apps for Lightning Platform applications. Tooling API's SOQL capabilities for many metadata types allow you to retrieve smaller pieces of metadata. Smaller retrieves improve performance, which makes Tooling API a better fit for developing interactive applications.

Introducing Tooling API - Salesforce Developers > docs > atlas.en-us.api_tooling.meta > api_tooling

How do I use the API in developer console?

How to Use Tooling API Query in Developer Console? We can use Tooling API query even in Developer Console by selecting the 'Use Tooling API' checkbox in Query Editor.

Tooling API | MST Solutions > technical > tooling-api

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