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How do I export a python project from PyCharm?

Export to a file

1. Right-click a result set, a table, or a view, select Export Data.

2. Right-click a query and select Export Data to File.

3. On the toolbar, click the Export Data icon ( ) and select Export to File.

Export data in PyCharm - JetBrains > help > pycharm > export-data-in-ide

How does PyCharm integrate with AWS?

Install AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model), AWS CLI & finally PyCharm Plugin AWS Toolkit. Connect MongoDB smoothly by connecting through Pycharm Professional to explore the database GUI. Setup VPC, Subnets, Route Tables, Internet Gateway and Relational Database. Connect Postgres with our Django Application.

Amazon AWS - PyCharm Guide - JetBrains > pycharm > guide > technologies > aws

How do I share a PyCharm project?

Share a project on GitHub Open the project you want to share. From the main menu, choose Git | GitHub | Share Project on GitHub. If you have already registered your GitHub account in PyCharm, connection will be established using these credentials.

Manage projects hosted on GitHub | PyCharm - JetBrains > help > pycharm > manage-projects-hosted-on-github

What is AWS Toolkit for PyCharm?

The AWS Toolkit for PyCharm is an open source plug-in for the PyCharm IDE that makes it easier to create, debug, and deploy Python applications on Amazon Web Services. With the AWS Toolkit for PyCharm, you can get started faster and be more productive when building applications with PyCharm on AWS.

AWS Toolkit for PyCharm > pycharm

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