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Is the entertainment book still available?

In fact, it's no longer a book at all. ... Instead, what was once the Entertainment Book is now an easy-to-use app that's updated every few minutes – instead of once a year. That means we can give you even more possibilities to discover, more experiences to unlock, and more rewards to share.

Can I still buy the book? - Entertainment

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What happened to the entertainment book?

Now known as an Entertainment Membership, the program still offers 2-for-1 deals and discounts on a variety of purchases but as of today, it is all completely digital – you no longer get a physical book. ... From today, Entertainment Membership will be totally digital and a physical book will no longer be available.

Is the Entertainment Book actually worth it? - Canstar

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Can you use entertainment book coupons online?

When you purchase your Entertainment Book you should receive a code good to use online for coupons as well. ... Just enter where it says “enter access code.” Now you can open up the app and choose what you would like to find deals on.

How To Use The Online Entertainment Coupon Book - A Frugal Chick

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How much does the entertainment book cost?

Not bad considering it costs $60 and my cause gets $12 (20%) from the sale of every membership. Once upon a time I thought the offerings must be second rate, full of struggling businesses desperate to get anyone through the door.

Is an Entertainment Book really worth the price? | Money magazine

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