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... used, damaged, returned, open box, “close out”, “clearance” or a demonstrator product. ... Belgique (Français) · België (Nederlands) · Cyprus (English) ...

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Shopping swimsuit clearance sales is a smart way to get pricey bathing suits at big discounts. 1. 0.

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Similarly, mortgage interest is paid in arrears, meaning each monthly payment ... When an issuer makes $50 coupon payments semi-annually, this means the ... Terms of Use

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FedEx will provide InSight Information by means of Internet, email, ... customs clearance, or communication with a shipment's shipper, recipient, broker, ...

Clearance sale definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

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Clearance sale definition: A clearance sale is a sale in which the goods in a shop are sold at reduced prices,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...


What is the meaning of clearance in English?

1 : the act or process of removing something. 2 : the distance by which one object avoids hitting or touching another. 3 : official permission The plane has clearance to land.

Definition of “clearance” - Merriam-Webster > dictionary > clearance

What are clearance deals?

According to the American Marketing Association, a clearance is “an end-of-season sale to make room for more goods.” It has also been defined as “pushing the sale of slow-moving, shop-worn, and demonstration model goods.” While retailers can offer sales for temporary time periods, items in a clearance do not return to ...

The Use of Clearance Pricing as a Price Signal - Daniels Fund ... > pdf > clearance-di

What is clearance product?

A clearance sale is a sale in which the goods in a shop are sold at reduced prices, because the shopkeeper wants to get rid of them quickly or because the shop is closing down.

Clearance sale definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary > dictionary > english > clearance-sale

What is an example of clearance?

Clearance means space between, or authorization, or items on sale. An example of a clearance is a pathway through the woods. An example of clearance is a document allowing a person into a government building. An example of clearance is a regularly priced $50 t-shirt up for sale at $10.

Clearance Meaning | Best 27 Definitions of ... - YourDictionary > clearance

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