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What is Citi double cash card credit limit?

You're guaranteed a credit limit of at least $10,000 with this card, but it comes with a $550 annual fee and requires excellent credit. If you're a high spender, though, the points you'll rack up can be well worth it.

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What is the maximum limit of Citibank credit card?

The available credit limit is the available credit on your card for spending, after all your earlier spending at that particular time. So on a card that has a total credit limit of Rs 50,000, if you have spent Rs. 15,000 already, then your available credit limit is Rs. 35,000.

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How does Citi determine credit limit?

Like most other credit card providers, Citi determines the amount of your credit line based on:

1. Annual income. You earn more, you spend more. ...

2. Employment. ...

3. Creditworthiness. ...

4. Utilization rate. ...

5. The type of credit card you apply for. ...

6. The number of credit card inquires.

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How much is the credit limit of Citi Rewards Card?

Rates & fees

Interest Rates

Minimum credit limit


Maximum credit limit


Fees & repayments

Annual fee

$149 p.a.

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