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Updated: 3 days ago
Jul 06, 2020 · What It Means to Be Pre-Approved for a Citi Credit Card. If you get a pre-approval offer from Citi in the mail, it doesn’t mean that you’ve been chosen to become a cardholder. Based on what the bank or credit card company believes to be true about you, that envelope is just an invitation to apply. › instant-credit-card58 Instant Approval Credit Cards You Can Use Immediately ...

Updated: 3 days ago
May 14, 2020 · Rather, with instant approval credit cards, a decision on your approval will usually be made within 60 seconds. In some cases, further information will be needed, extending the process by a few days or even weeks. Pre-approved credit cards: You have probably received a pre-approved credit card in the mail. The catch is, the term “pre-approved ...

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