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Finally, this restriction in the Constitution, (e.g. the Emoluments Clause) prohibits retired military members from accepting gifts from foreign governments ...Missing: coupons | Must include:coupons

Accepting Gifts May Get Soldiers in Trouble, Army Warns |

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May 6, 2020 · ... soldiers are prohibited from accepting gifts given because of their status as a soldier, according to recently released Army guidance.

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DoD employees, both civilian and military, who serve in the Office of the Secretary ... Regardless of any exceptions that allow accepting gifts, it is.


Are military members allowed to accept gifts?

RULE. Generally, DoD personnel (including their families) may not directly or indirectly accept or solicit for gifts given: (1) Because of their official position; or (2) Offered by a “prohibited source.”

gifts to service members and their families - DoD Ethics > Portals > gifts_to_servicemembers

Which of the following gifts would you be allowed to accept from a prohibited source?

Regardless of the source, an employee normally may accept items of nominal value and light refreshments, such as a greeting card, a cup of coffee, a cookie, and the like. The rules also permit an employee to accept a gift, other than cash, from a coworker worth up to $10.

A Holiday Reminder about the Gift Rules - Office of Government Ethics > web > oge.nsf > Resources > A+Holiday+Reminder+about+the+...

Can an employee accept a gift that is valued at $20 or less given by a prohibited source or because of the employee's official position *?

You may not accept this gift. The gift is from a prohibited source and is being offered because of your official position. You may not offer to pay the additional $5 (the $20 rule is NOT a "Federal $20 discount").

GIFTS | U.S. Department of the Interior > ethics > gifts

Can officers accept gifts from enlisted?

As a general rule, a DoD employee cannot accept an item from an outside source unless the item is excluded from the definition of a gift, or the items falls under a specific regulatory exception for gifts.

Gifts: Ethical rules for DoD employees | Article - > article > gifts_ethical_rules_for_dod_employees

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