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Office 365 options such as Save as are greyed out - Microsoft ...

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Mar 1, 2018 · I have installed it and all programs open, but a lot of the options under 'File' are greyed out. An example is the Save as and Save buttons.Missing: coupons printable

How to Alternate White and Gray Cells in Excel - Small Business ...

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Excel's default color is already white, so you need only format every other column or row as gray to alternate between white and gray cells.


Why are all my Excel options greyed out?

When the actions that you are attempting to perform in a worksheet apply to a protected cell or sheet, you will see grayed-out menus. You must unprotect the workbook, worksheet or cell to unlock the unavailable menus. ... If the worksheet is password-protected, Excel will not unlock the menus until you enter your password.

How to Unlock Grayed-Out Menus in Excel 2007 > unlock-grayedout-menus-excel-2007-41100

How do I enable all options in Excel?

Click the File tab jumping into backstage view; Then you will view the Options button at left bar. Click it into Excel Options window.

Where is Excel Options in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 - AddinTools > documents > excel > where-is-excel-options

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