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Olive is a dark yellowish-green color, like that of unripe or green olives. As a color word in the English language, it appears in late Middle English. Hex triplet: #808000 HSV (h, s, v): (60°, 100%, 50%) SRGBB (r, g, b): (128, 128, 0) ISCC–NBS descriptor: Light olive


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I ordered the olive burger with french fries and my friend got the Cuban Sandwich with fries. My food was excellent!!”.



Is olive a fruit?


Olive / Fruit or Vegetable

What are the benefits of olive?

Olives are very high in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants. Studies show that they are good for the heart and may protect against osteoporosis and cancer. The healthy fats in olives are extracted to produce olive oil, one of the key components of the incredibly healthy Mediterranean diet.

Olives 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits - Healthline

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What is olive the company?

Olive builds artificial intelligence and RPA solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and patient care while reducing costly administrative errors. Website https://www.oliveai.com. Company size 501-1000 employees. Headquarters Columbus, Ohio.

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How many olives should I eat a day?

To keep your saturated fat intake within the recommended guidelines, it's best to limit your intake to 2–3 ounces (56–84 grams) — about 16–24 small- to medium-sized olives — per day. Though olives may aid weight loss, they're high in salt and fat — and eating too many of them may offset your weight loss success.

How Do Olives Affect Your Weight? - Healthline

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